Mike did such an amazing job as our wedding photographer! He was very professional and many of our guests commented on how impressed they were with his hard work. He is very intuitive and was extremely skilled at capturing special moments of us as the bride and groom and many of our guests. He also did an excellent job of capturing the details of our wedding so we can cherish them for years to come. Our album is absolutely fantastic! Mike fulfilled all of our needs as our wedding photographer and more. We highly recommend him!

-Neely and Jamie

I meant to call you a while ago but I seem to keep forgetting. I just wanted to say that now matter how many words I say to describe how impressed I was with the wedding album, I could not come close to portraying how much we love them. There is no possible way they could be any better! They are so unique and beautiful! I can't thank you enough.

-Mike and Monica

Of course we were happy with your work! Not only were the pictures artistic and beautiful, but they were very thoughtful. You did a wonderful job of capturing the whole event from beginning to end with all of its nuances. Everyone that I have shown our pictures to loves them and really gets a feeling for the event and the joy that the day brought. Additionally, you were so non-intrusive as well as creative with the shots you took. We would recommend you to anyone.

-Jennifer and David

Our experience with Mike was better than we ever could have hoped for. Our wedding was very small and personal and he kept with that theme by really making us feel like we were his friends rather than his clients. There was never that pressure of us having to take the pictures- or feeling like we were being bossed around like I have seen at other weddings. I do not like having my picture taken and my whole life I have joked that even my wedding photos would be ugly. Well, after the ceremony Mike took my new husband and I away from the crowd and proceeded to shoot some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. I couldn't believe it was me! I felt so comfortable that my real smile came through in the pictures and that was a first for me. We so appreciate the time and care he took to make sure that we had an album that really took us back to that day. Thanks again Mike!

-Jeff and Rosie

It was an absolute pleasure working with Mike. Mike's good-natured professionalism allowed us to enjoy our wedding day with out any worries about the photography. Mike was so natural; we hardly knew he was there. The finished product was amazing. All of the day's special moments were captured beautifully for our memories. Our family and friends also share our gratitude for his fine work. We are so happy to have chosen Mike as our wedding photographer!

-Athena and Ryan

It is with great pleasure that my husband and I recommend the photography services of Mike de Boer. Mike and his associate took wonderful photographs of our wedding. We were able to choose our favorites from many photos in color, black and white,plus some with lovely filters. Mike is a sensitive artist, keen to capturing special moments. He captured the thrill in our hearts as we pranced down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife. That photograph is alive with joy. Mike had great ideas for photo settings, including a swing set that was in the park where our wedding took place. There he caught a fantastic photo of us in wedding gown and tuxedo, joyfully flying in the air hand in hand on the swings. My husband is quite camera shy, but he felt very comfortable with Mike and had a lot of fun taking shots like that one. Another terrific photograph is of the traditional event, "catch the bouquet." Unbelievably, Mike got a shot of my arms above my head hurling the bouquet, which had broken apart in the air sending a profusion of flowers in different directions. The photo also shows gleeful women running around frantically trying to catch them. A masterpiece.Mike took a magical image of our flower girls bowing their heads with eyes shut tight, deep in prayer. These moments and many more, captured in beautiful photographs by Mike de Boer, will remain in our minds and hearts forever, and we treasure them.

-Amanda and Mark

I would highly recommend Mike deBoer to anyone looking for a photographer - wedding or otherwise. Mike was our wedding photographer and was extremely professional and easy to work with - he made the wedding party and all our guests feel very relaxed and comfortable. He strives to be as unintrusive as possible, and we really saw that at our wedding. I'm amazed at how many great shots he got and I didn't even realize he was there taking them! Mike has a style and an artistic ability all his own, which is what made us choose him to begin with. And when we received our pictures (only a few weeks after the wedding, as Mike had promised) we were not disappointed. They are absolutely wonderful...beautiful, lasting reminders of our very special day. Thanks, Mike!

-Karen and Mark

We would like to thank Mike so much for beautifully capturing our wedding. He really did a great job of showcasing the imporant parts of our day and also catching the "behind the scene" moments. He has a very artistic, clean and professional style. We have had a lot of friends get married lately and everyone that sees our album says the photos are the best they have seen and wished they had Mike shoot their weddings. We would recommend his photography work to anyone. He was a pleasure to work with through this very precious time.

-Megan and Danny

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