While visiting this website, I hope every visitor will get a sense of my own view of photographing a wedding, party or portrait. I want to be the person who shapes your vision into reality, a professional who can fulfill your wishes. However, I don't consider that to be the ultimate goal of the day. That, to me, is being a warm and inviting person, happy to be part of a joyful event and trying not to steer the flow of the day. In the end I want to know that I did everything possible to take wonderful photographs in a personable, stress free way.
Thank you for coming,

About Mike

Expert in Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom, Mike has a wide range of tools and options available for those brides and grooms-to be that want something different, something exciting and artful!
Mike's calm, professional demeanor is matched only by his appreciation of the joy, excitement, and sheer emotion of your special day, which drew him to wedding photography in the first place.
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